Pascal Meyer [piano]

Laurent Warnier [vibraphone]

Rachel Xi Zhang [marimba]

Pascal Meyer (1979) is a longterm member of the Luxembourgish contemporary music ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin. Together with pianist Xenia Pestova Bennett he recorded Karlheinz Stockhausen's Mantra and the complete works for two keyboards by John Cage on NAXOS. Machine à trois represents for him everything schools didn't teach and everything his past classical chamber music groups were not : a platform to experiment with composing, playing non-classical repertoire, and finding bridges to tradition while re-adapting them.

After studies in the Netherlands and the United States, Laurent Warnier (1988), settled as a cosmopolitan between Luxembourg and Amsterdam. He spends much of his time researching and creating new repertoire for marimba and vibraphone - adding a piano was just a logical consequence of his work. Equally interested in baroque and impressionism era music as well as original modern music with electronics and improvisation, Machine à trois provides for him a rich playground for experimentation. An active freelance musician and member of the electroacoustic music duo Plastiklova, Laurent is currently teaching percussion at the Luxembourg and Amsterdam Conservatories of Music.

Rachel Xi Zhang (1987) spent most of her youth studying piano in Shenzhen, China. She acquired a taste for unconventional pitch and timbre by beating on random objects through her rebellious youth, and finds her soul in peace when touching a marimba. The vibration of her sound can be described as rooted to classical music from an earlier era, yet engraved with the characteristics derived from countless collaborations with composers of her generation.